Required modules

  • renderer
  • scene
  • camera
  • renderer



Adds pass to the list of passes for post-processing


Swap read and write buffers.


Looks for path by it's .name and returns the following one


passIndicator can be a name or a pass instance.


Returns index of a pass inside pass array.

.addPassAfter(previousPassIndicator, pass)

previousPassIndicator can be a name or a pass instance. This function is similar to .addPass(), but adds pass exactly after the provided one.

.insertPass(pass, index)

Insert pass to the place with the following index inside pass array.


Remove a pass with the following indicator (name).

.createRenderPass(renderToScreen = false)

Creates a RenderPass instance and adds it to PostProcessorModule.


Render all data


Reset the following renderTarget.

.setSize(width, height)

Set width & height to used renderTarget.