App class inherits ModuleSystem

This component is used to prepare a world scene, setup physics, camera, renderer and all other things that you usually do before making meshes.



Start rendering loop and physics simulation (if you use version with physics).

.addLoop(loop) & .removeLoop(loop)

Adds loop to this app.

const loop = new WHS.Loop(() => {
  // ...

const world = new WHS.App();



Faster way

You can add loop to app and start it in one line.
To do this - pass world as argument to start: loop.start(world);


new WHS.App takes an array of modules as constructor arguments.

const world = new WHS.App([
	// put your app modules here

You can also use new WHS.BasicAppPreset to speed up development.

There are a collection of app modules which can only be used with an App instance.

You can also use other modules with the an App instance like controls and PHYSICS.


.render (boolean)

Defines if scene is rendered each frame or not. The following script will disable rendering:

world.render = false;

.simulate (boolean)

Same as .render, but for physics. Defines if physics is simulated each frame.

.loops (array)

Array of loops that are executed by this world object.