We started developing whitestorm.js v2 in beta branch.

Big problem that we want to solve

The problem appeared when we asked "What if whitestorm.js can run other physics?". There is no best physics engine, all of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

For Ammonext such advantages are:

  • SoftBody support
  • Most complete physics library that came from C++

But it also has disadvantages:

  • It is about 1.7Mb (comparing to other 3d physics libraries such as Oimo.js or Cannon.js it is 6x times larger)

What we do

I started refactoring from making a new branch from dev. In beta branch i moved physics folder to another repo.

What is in beta branch:

  1. Physics is now separate from whitestorm.js
  2. We created "Physics module" for ammonext. It is easily integratabe and more flexible.
  3. Three.js updated to r83
  4. Webpack build changed:
  • In physics module we now use worker-loader
  • For whitestorm.js we made some optimizations